You are human first

//You are human first

You are human first

Sometimes my little heart gets so annoyed and anxious that I want to scream in hopes that this world would listen and change a bit. This world is becoming sadder with every minute.

Lately all I hear is hate and all I see is a humanity racing against itself. We are killing each other and ourselves emotionally and spiritually. We are becoming nothing but empty hearted species.


Compassion is dying faster than the ice is melting in the Arctic.

Love is becoming an overused and meaningless word.

Our hearts are closing towards others.

Our minds are in a survival mode.

Humankind is turning into unkind race.

God is becoming forgotten.


I’ve been thinking a lot about where it all starts and ‘separation and segregation’ are two words that kept coming to mind.


Separation -> our egos edge God out

Segregation -> racious in our minds we assign labels to ourselves and others and act hatefully towards those labeled as opposite from us


I don’t care if you are white, black or green, native or foreign or between, straight or gay, female or male, democrat or republican.

I don’t care whether you are a teacher, nurse, college professor, army ranger, cleaning lady, or CEO of something.

I don’t care if you eat meat or are vegan, like chick fil a or dominos pizza, eat only organic or spray roundup on your carrots.

I don’t care whether you watch cartoons or movies, comedies or horrors, CNN or Fox, weather channel or hallmark, American idol or Voice.

I don’t care whether you believe in western medicine or holistic approach, you take Tylenol or Advil, you go to physical therapy or chiropractor, vaccinate or not.

I don’t care if you live in Florida or Washington, California or  Alabama or Nebraska Texas or New York…

I don’t care whether you are a college football or NFL fan, Gator or Seminole, ice skating or NHL fan, summer or winter olympics follower.

I don’t care about who you voted for Trump or Clinton, Obama or Biden, red party or blue party, donkeys or elephants.

I don’t care whether you are a cat or a dog person, have snakes or spiders for pets, like bees or not, ridden a camel or not.

I care about what is in your heart and how is your soul holding up. And I am terrified to ask those questions because while we are living a life full of labels our souls start disintegrating.


Before all the labels you put on yourself, remember that you are a HUMAN first!


So clean up your act, clean up your stickers, stop putting stickers on others and just love!

One human to another

Human love

Pure, non-judgemental compassionate love.


Don’t you want to feel that type of love coming from anyone that comes in contact with you?

Don’t you want to feel like you belong no matter what you believe or practice?

Don’t you want to see the next generation grow up free of hate?

I know you said yes to all 3 questions above.


All you need to do is strip your heart out of anger and hate and let it love others in the way love was design by God.

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