Do prayers work?

//Do prayers work?

Do prayers work?

Yesterday was one of those days you could call ‘rough’. You know those days you wish you could start over or skip all together? Yup, that kind of a day.

I woke up exhausted from a sleepless night. Bud kept me up coughing and fighting his awful RSV. I slept with one eye open holding my hand over his chest making sure he was breathing. I laid awake feeling my other boy move around my belly in the weirdest position available. It was physically painful but oh so calming emotionally. My little boy is growing healthy in my belly. I sat a lot fighting heartburn and walked around trying to make the cramps in my legs go away. It was a long night. My mind kept wondering in many ways and I kept bringing my thoughts back into a peaceful place of a prayer.

The day started ‘rough’. It started with a conversation that left me confused, weary and scared for someone. It continued with a feeling of betrayal after I received a troubling message. By 9 in the morning I was standing in the middle of the kitchen watching my boys eating at the table, feeling devastated. All I could do was whisper ‘I can’t do it any longer’. I covered my face with my hands and broke into a sobbing cry.

My husband was by my side within seconds. His gentle hug turned into tight squeeze accompanied by rocking while my sobbing became louder and more uncontrollable.

He calmed me down.

I looked up at him and saw so much love in his eyes. He smiled at me and hugged me tighter. That hug. That look in his eyes. It was what I needed to remind me to step outside of my mind and deal with the ‘rough’ in the only way I knew how – by prayer.

If one man’s love for me is so grant that it can soften ‘roughness’ of the day God’s love for me should be able to erase it completely.

I sent a prayer request to a few of my closest friends and I could feel when they prayed before I read their responses. I felt peace taking over my mind. I felt strength and determination. I felt freed from the situation. I felt calmness in my heart. I felt the ‘roughness’ diminish little by little.

The more they prayed the more my day was turning around with conversations that lifted my spirits, with talks reminding me of how much grace we are blessed with, with things that I didn’t expect to happen and ones that could only be done by God’s hand.

In the evening I sat on a couch alone. Bud was already asleep and James working in his office. It was a quiet evening. The light was dim and my tea was warming my hands. The silence was amazing. I felt His presence. The ‘rough’ was gone and the peace present in that moment was overwhelming. I felt my body tremble and tears started falling down my face. Good tears this time. Tears of joy and contentment. Cleansing and renewing my soul.

Simple prayers said by my friends were answered by God in ways that I didn’t expect. I didn’t see as possible. Within hours my day turned around.

Simple prayers…

God answers all of them.

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